building beautiful businesses together

Simbiotrek Partnerships

Simbiotrek (​sim-bē-ˈä-ˈtrek) works with you to build beautiful businesses. We help established companies turn their "traditional" offerings into growth-oriented, customer value-focused, scalable, and sustainable products and services. We do this through our unique entrepreneurship consulting approach that includes journeying with you through implementation, operation, and evolution.

Simbiotrek Partnerships is the long-term model we use with those clients that show the promise and commitment to customer value-focused growth, and through which we guide and grow the emerging new businesses together. This approach recognizes that both their businesses and ours benefit from working together. If your business becomes one of our special partner-clients, together we'll take a long-term cooperative view, focused on your customers and their value creation journeys.

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Do you have a Simbiotrek business opportunity?

Our unique entrepreneurship consulting approach isn't right for every business, and every business isn't right for the Simbiotrek Partnerships model. But the best way to find out is to talk with us. We love hearing about your business, your aspirations, and imagining how we might make more beautiful businesses together.